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Ordering, Curbside Pickup, and Delivery Instructions

Thank you for shopping with us! You can now shop in-store again (just bring your mask), or right here for easy pickup later! Here are important instructions and notes when shopping online:

This is Not Mail Order

You will place your order like any online shopping experience, but instead of actually buying, you are effectively creating and sending us a cart of items that will hold your items until we can process them for you directly.

  • You will see "Free shipping" as you process your order, but orders will not be shipped.
  • You will not be charged when you complete your order, but your items will be held as "purchased" by you.

Once we are able to process your order, we will pick the items, confirm they are in stock, and contact you to collect payment information and pickup/delivery details. This will allow you to use various methods of payment such as store credit and victory point discounts (and allow us to add points to your account).  Note that the items in your order may be located at different locations, and we will transfer then as quickly as possible to your requested pickup location. Transfers are not guaranteed during the weekend. Please ensure your phone number is accurate and your voicemail is working. Again note our current hours of operation above and allow us time to process. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Receiving Your Items

You have two options to receive your items:

Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup is available at both locations during our regular hours listed above. Once we have contacted you and finalized your order, it will be ready for pickup. We have created "pickup zones" at the front of each store. Simply pop in, grab your items, and go!

Free Home Delivery

For those who wish to have their games delivered to your home, we are offering free limited home delivery. We ask that you only use this service if you truly are not able to travel to us for curbside pickup. A minimum purchase of $40 is required. Delivery is available Monday through Friday. Currently we are able to deliver games to the following areas:

  • Cottage Grove
  • Deforest
  • Fitchburg
  • Madison
  • McFarland
  • Middleton
  • Monona
  • Sun Prairie
  • Verona
  • Waunakee
  • Windsor

When we contact you to finalize your order, we will also gather any additional delivery information and deliver your items as soon as possible. Games purchased before 2pm on weekdays will be delivered same-day if at all possible, but please understand this will depend on the relative demand and availability of staff. When we arrive with your game, we will place the item near your front door (or other designated area) and ring the doorbell to let you know it has arrived. For the safety of our staff, we will deliver items to your front door, porch, or outside your apartment building. We will not enter any building.

Stock Levels Should be Accurate, But May Not be Perfect.

The online inventory is tied to our in-store systems. Online "purchases" should update inventory numbers across all systems. However, there may be instances where the online portal is displaying incorrect stock amounts (it may think we have an item in stock when we actually do not). Sometimes this may be due to stock already being held for another customer, or more likely it is simply be an inadvertent error in our stock counts. We will confirm stock status before we contact you, and we apologize if any online stock is inaccurate. If items are not in stock, we can let you know how soon they will be back in stock and contact you when they are available again.

You are also welcome to request a special order for any item that you cannot find or that we list as out of stock.

Thank you again for your patronage and opportunity for us to deliver quality fun in a time when it is sorely needed!