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Honey Buzz Deluxe Kickstarter Bundle

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This is a special deluxe Kickstarter Bundle that includes the deluxe edition of the core game PLUS a FREE copy of the "Honey Pot" expansion. Details below!

The bees have discovered economics.

The queens believe that if they sell honey to the bears, badgers, and woodland creatures, they will find peace and prosperity. Spring has arrived and it's time to build the hive, find nectar, make honey, and, for the first time ever, set up shop.

Honey Buzz is a "worker bee" placement game where you’ll expand your own beehive, forage for nectar and pollen, make different varieties of honey, and sell your honey at the bear market. But there’s only so much nectar to go around, and finding the right combinations to fulfill the woodland creatures’ wants—as well as the queen’s orders—will keep you buzzing!


  • 1 Hive Board
  • 1 Woodland Board
  • 40 Worker Beeples (wood)
  • 4 Forage Tokens
  • 4 Fan Tokens
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 4 Player Aids
  • 16 Starting Hive Tiles
  • 63 Standard Hive Tiles
  • 24 Nectar Tiles
  • 60 Coins
  • 28 Honey (squishy plastic)
  • 1 First Player Marker
  • 26 Order Cards
  • 18 Configuration Cards
  • 24 Queen’s Contest Cards
  • 10 Drone Cards
  • 2 Drone Beeples (wood)
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 78 mini‐european cards total (44×68mm)

Plus, exclusive in this Kickstarter Edition:

  • 4 Fuzzy Forage Beeples (deluxe content)
  • 4 Wooden Fan Meeples (deluxe content)
  • 24 Acrylic Nectar Tiles (deluxe content)
  • 15 Resin Pollen (deluxe content)
  • 1 Wooden First Player Marker (deluxe content)
  • Plastic Storage Insert (deluxe content)
  • Limited edition, collectible Honey Buzz box, individually numbered, with deluxe linen finish and uv-glossed framing box sleeve (Kickstarter content)

Additionally, you get a FREE copy of the "Honey Pot" expansion, including new types of contents and the nectar jar module! 


  • 4 Nectar Jar Boards
  • 1 First Player Marker (a honey pot)
  • 6 Queen's Contest Cards
  • 6 Configuration Cards
  • 2 Order Cards (pollen eaters)
  • 6 Queen's Contest Cards (solo play)
  • 1 Drone Card (solo play)
  • 2 Drone Dice (solo play)
  • 21 mini‐european cards total (44×68mm)